Sincos has evolved for its customers, by its customers and with its customers for the ultimate satisfaction of its customers. With the passage of time, the company, in terms of technology, has become fully focused towards providing complete solutions in industrial automation technologies, with the help of world class products only. This has necessitated formation of a sister company called SINCOS AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGIES LTD. The two companies together have been supporting almost every industry in Bangladesh that are engaged in mass production relying on  automation technology.

Date Coding Printers
Effective coding is the key to ensuring that everything we consume is fresh, safe and authentic. Manufacturers supplying food, drink, healthcare or other household products need to be sure that their products are accurately identified and are traceable right through the supply chain.
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Air Compressors
Sullair offers air system solutions……
a total compressed air system- to help compressed air users reduce energy costs and improve productivity by analyzing, managing and controlling total compressed air systems. Sullair’s air system solutions include: Plant air system audits, energy efficient products,
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Industrial Air Treatment

Due to the growing market and high demand in precise execution of Industrial Air Treatment Engineering in the region, VENTURY was created to become a major player in this field. The full autonomy given to VENTURY allows the company to source equipment / components from
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Industrial Packaging Machinery
Technical designs of Sunrise products are made by Sunrise Packaging Machinery GMBH, Dusseldorf-Germany. This has made it possible for Sunrise to offer European technology at Asian price and allow them to deliver elegant packing solutions – a silent sales promoter of your products.
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Pneumatic Parts for Industrial Automation
Festo is a worldwide leading supplier of pneumatic and electrical automation technology products. The globally aligned ,independent family enterprise with headquarters in Esslingen, Germany, has evolved into a performance leader within its respective industry over a period 
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FESTO DIDACTIC is an ISO certified company providing“training modules” designed for the learners who are interested to develop their proficiency in the field of Industrial Automation.
It is an outcome of over 40 years’ experience to the table when developing solutions for fast learning and successful retention for the entire spectrum of automation and technology.
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With Totally Integrated Automation (TIA), Siemens is the only manufacturer to offer an integrated range of products and systems for automation in all sectors – from incoming goods to outgoing goods, from the field level through the production control level to connection with the corporate management level. On the basis of TIA, we implement solutions that are perfectly tailored to your specific
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