If improving the efficiency of your production process is one of your priorities, the new 9410 coder was engineered for you. The new Markem-Imaje 9410 is designed to be fully available, keep up with your line speed and secure each of your products with the right code!

Your benefits

  • Relax for 5 years* with our LONGEVITY service pack.
  • 99.9% Availability. Secure the initial performance of your equipment for 36, 48, or 60 months via the customized service packs.
  • Up to 20% reduction in consumable use and energy consumption**. Optimized waste related expenses.
  • Smart consumable system. No set-up required.
  • Clean it with water and industrial detergent and make sure your hygiene standards are met (IP55).
  • Promote your brand while achieving your traceability goals (text, logos and 2D barcodes, etc. available in 35 languages).
  • Ink references with a high level of adhesion, contrast and color where needed as well as anti-counterfeiting solutions and environmentally-friendly inks.
  • Local language online guiding system will lead you through the steps to ensure your code is exactly what you want it to be.
  • Easy access to maintenance and production history.
  • Operator access and password management can be configured to your needs offering more control.
  • Create images and network printers with optional CoLOS® software.

Print features

▶ Mono-jet printhead
▶ G head (printing resolution: 71 dpi)
▶ Up to 5 lines of print
▶ Print speed: up to 4.6 m/s
▶ Font height from 5 to 32 dots for multiline messages
▶ Character height: from 1,5 to 11 mm
▶ Wide choice of 1D and 2D barcodes (EA N8/EA N13/UPCA/UPCE
barcodes, code 39, interleaved 2 of 5, Datamatrix and QR code)
▶ Wide choice of characters (Latin, Arabic, Japanese, Cyrillic,
Hebrew, Chinese, Korean, etc.)


▶ M essage library (up to 100 messages)
▶ International operator/machine interface with a wide choice of
▶ WYS IWYG 7-inch wide touch screen: realtime display of remaining
print capacity expressed in hours and number of messages;
integrated assistance and alert system; simplified message printing
and management; creation of user profiles
▶ USB and SD ports
▶ J et Speed Control guarantees marking quality
▶ A utomatic selection of fonts, depending on print speed and
printhead/object distance
▶ B road range of inks: multi-use, high performance; ketone-free and
MEK -free inks
▶ S ealed 0.8-liter cartridges with foolproofing system
▶ Quick connect/disconnect of accessories (photocell, alarm and
▶ E thernet connectivity
▶ S pecific date management (rounding date function)



Other Characteristics

▶ Weight: 25 kg
▶ Table-top or vertical mounting
▶ Ultra-flexible 3-meter umbilical cable
▶ Full stainless steel cabinet and printhead case
▶ Dust/humidity protection rating: IP55 not requiring plant air
▶ Operating temperature range: 0 to 40°C depending on ink used
▶ H umidity: 10 to 90% non-condensing
▶ E lectrical power supply: 100-120 V or 200-240 V with automatic
switching; frequency 50/60 Hz; power 60 VA


▶ Printhead pressurization kit
▶ RS-232/422 connectivity, parallel interface, many I/O possibilities to
enable remote operation
▶ Ultra-flexible 6-meter umbilical cable


▶ Printer supports: stands (stainless steel or aluminum), table or wall
mounting bracket
▶ Printhead stand (stainless steel)
▶ Different printhead brackets
▶ Photocells
▶ E ncoders
▶ A larm beacons (24 V)


▶ Compatible with CoLOS Create Professional and CoLOS Enterprise
▶ L ogo creation with CoLOS Graphics